The reason for this I believe is simply Infusionsoft is packed with so many things that it's to much for people who are starting out with the application to take in. Without question simply having done this you have separated yourself from a great number of people in your industry:

  1. You are using one of the (I dare say THE MOST) powerful marketing tools available for small businesses like yours and mine
  2. New leads (and even existing contacts) are being segmented into groups (based on their behaviour such as link clicks, purchases, etc.)
  3. You are sending highly targeted and relevant information (based on your segmenting) rather than SPAMMING your entire list with information that may only be relevant to a very small portion based on the email content.
  4. You are speaking in their voice using the words (connecting with them) they would be using to illustrate how your product or service can help them solve their problem to continue building the Know, Like and Trust Factor.
  5. And much, much more!

Even if you are simply doing the above you are at an incredible advantage compared to others in your industry who are not doing this. There really is SO much more Infusionsoft allows you to do that will actually increase your revenue while at the SAME time actually reducing the amount of work you and your team needs to do. That my friend is called LEVERAGE to the Max! Infusionsoft works loyally for you 7 x 24 x 365 days a year WITHOUT taking any time off at about 41 cents an hour and you can do quite a bit of this from your Smart Phone or Tablet. How cool is that?

You see the thing I have learned over the last almost 5 years working within the application as an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant is many times the mark is missed with the Strategy and Implementation being used within the Infusionsoft application. Having worked in the IT Industry for 20 years setting up Networks, Desktops, Servers, Application Support, etc. there is absolutely one thing I have found lacking in many companies Marketing and Sales. This is actually something I have heard repeatedly when connecting with other small business owners (whether they are using Infusionsoft or not) and that is FOUNDATION!

Your Marketing and Sales (let me also add your own internal Business Automation) requires a solid Foundation for you to be able to move forward from. It's simply not enough to know Infusionsoft does A,B,C... You need to be putting the pieces together to ensure they allow you to LEVERAGE the power of the application (think of it as adding multiple people to your Team) that allows you to focus on the things that will bring in more revenue while at the same time allowing for a consistent and automated experience for any scenario you have setup within Infusionsoft. It really is that simple however unfortunately many do not do this.

I have and continue to do work for businesses starting up, 6 figures and even 8 figures and the truth is the 8 figure businesses have a lot of moving parts happening and they have (with my help) setup Infusionsoft to automate 85 - 90% or more of things they are doing that they would require multiple people to do that Infusionsoft itself handles. With that being said you should have someone on your team who is able to monitor to ensure everything is going out as it should. This actually takes very little time to do.

If you already have Infusionsoft and know there is way more you can be doing with it but don't know how we are here to help. Below are some of the services we offer to ensure you and your business are working "smarter rather than harder."