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Once upon a time there was a young princess who dreamed of writing. Princess Michelle read incessantly, sneak reading under her covers after she was asleep with her lamp and latest novel (losing her bookmark every night!). Her favourite class was English and she wrote in her diary of her wordsmith dreams.

But dark forces prevented her dream. Under the devastating and debilitating spell of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, from her teenage years, Princess Michelle spent years bedridden and struggling to create a semblance of a life. Still the dream carried on with years of story writing, studying the writing craft and experimenting with various potions and remedies to regain her health.

Years later, Princess Michelle found herself healthier, single, jobless and with very little hope for anything but more challenge and hardship. Frightened but refusing to give up, Princess Michelle began an adventure on her own working in office administration and building a career based on her natural organization skills.

15 years, various failed relationships and a steady rise in her administrative career, Princess Michelle was married to the love of her life, Princess Danielle, step-mother to two amazing kids and in a semi-satisfying, always challenging management position in the corporate world.

Now comes the fork in the road. After building a successful career gaining the respect of the corporate world for her creative thinking, leadership development, project management and even writing skills, Princess Michelle could continue going to work everyday for the corporate kingdom or build her own kingdom with Princess Danielle and pursue her dream of helping people through writing.

Yes, you guessed right! Princess Michelle took the leap. After years of studying the art of writing, including copywriting and digital marketing, Princess Michelle moved from casual part-time writer to full-time, full-fledged freelance writer.

Now her dream can help you pursue your dreams! Struggling to find the right content, get your message heard and losing your voice in the sales jargon of templates and tips? Tired of trying to create content that converts into sales?

Ready for copy that converts?

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